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Delicious Heat & Eat meals with free delivery

Better than your take away


How does it work?

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Place your order before 6:00 pm on Tuesday to receive delivery on Thursday. Select from one of our 4 weekly plans and pay online with credit or debit card. 

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We offer free delivery within Auckland on all orders over $70. Orders are delivered every Thursday between 6-9pm. You will receive a text with live tracking of your delivery, so you won't miss your bag of goodies. 

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Your meals are delivered pre-cooked and individually packed. Simply heat them up in your microwave or oven and enjoy your fresh lunch/ dinner in just 2 minutes with zero effort ;)


We believe everyone should take maximum use of their time. Why do you waste it on shopping, cooking, cleaning, dish washing... Better spend it on something (or someone) you like! Enjoy your life fully! Be smart and save your time, energy and money ;)

We will take care of all the cooking stuff, so that you can relax and enjoy all the free time you have spared.


Did we mention that with Brain Fuel you save not only time and energy, but your money? Yep, that's right! For only $139 you will get a supply of complete meals for the whole week! 7 lunches and 7 snacks and sweet treats on us :) 

Select our 7 day Lunch or 7 day Dinner plans for just $69 and save even more!


We create healthy delicious dishes that will surely satisfy your taste. Menu is updated every week, which means you will never have the same meal twice! Our dishes are nutritionally balanced and will fuel your body & brain when you need it the most.

All the meals are delivered fresh and fully prepared, so just heat them up and enjoy! :)

our weekly plans

what will you get?


7, 10 or 14 fresh meals in compact freezer and microwave safe containers.

Menu card with storage instructions and ingredients.

Sweet treats, snacks and other extras on the house to keep you fueled up ;)

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Do I have to be a student to order from Brain Fuel? Absolutely not :) Brain Fuel was created with a mission to help students enjoy uni life fully, save time, energy and money. We wish there was a service like this when we were students! But we welcome orders from anyone, who wants to eat healthy and balanced variety of meals every day without spending a fortune;)

Can I swap meals in your menu? Yep, just leave your request in notes when placing an order and we will get back to you with confirmation. Please note lunch meals can only be swapped with another lunch option, same applies for dinner.

How big are the portions? Big enough to feed a hungry adult and balanced to provide the recommended calorie intake. 

Are meals fresh or frozen? All meals are delivered fresh and will stay fresh in your fridge for 5-7 days. 

Do I need to do any cooking? No cooking at all! Just heat&eat ;)

How do I heat up the meals? From the fridge: slightly open the lid, microwave on high for at least 2-3 mins or longer, until food is piping hot, and then let to cool down for about 1 min. Please note the above times may vary, as each microwave has different wattage. From the freezer: first defrost your meal in the fridge overnight, then follow the instructions above :) 

How to store meals? Place half of your weekly supply in the fridge and half in the freezer to make sure all the meals will stay fresh for longer. Individual storage instructions for meals are provided in every pack.

Where do you deliver? We deliver for free all orders over $70 within Auckland City, except for rural areas. If you are located outside of our delivery zone please contact us. Delivery fee of $10 applies on all orders below $70

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When is delivery day and time? All orders are delivered every Thursday in the evening.

How can I pay? You can pay online with credit or debit card. Please note we do not accept eftpos/credit cards or cash on delivery. 

Do you offer subscription? Unfortunately we don’t have a subscription service available at the moment. You have to place your order every week for Thursday delivery. But we’ve got great news! Subscription option is coming very soon ;)